Thursday, June 4, 2009

The VIX Pattern Continues... Or Does It?

As expected, the VIX continued its pattern of bouncing off of the 20 dma as the market has rebounded each and every time an attempt at the VIX 20 dma has happened since March 9th. Typically, after the VIX touches the 20 dma, within a few days the VIX hits another new 3 month low.

I don't expect that trend to stop here. I think the VIX is primed to dip below the 28.80 mark perhaps as early as tomorrow since the VIX is typically week on Fridays especially in a market rally.

But, if the VIX can hold 28.80 and make another run at the 20 dma, I think it will finally cross it and perhaps signal the end of the 3 month bear market rally. But until that happens, I will not make a play anticipating it.

I continue to stay heavy on energy, china and gold. Also going to run with TBT as a long term play. I really really really want to short something but until the VIX gives a signal or until the SPX gives a signal with a convergence of its 20 and 50 dma, I will continue to stay out of general U.S. company equities.

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