Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Bullish Chart Worth Considering

OK, last post of the night.

I have been watching Sirius/XM for about 6 months now. I bought into it about 5 months ago on a speculative play. Percentage wise, it has been my biggest gainer. But I invested very little and never added to it.

One thing I have been waiting for is a convergence of the 20, 50 and 200 day ma's. Today, SIRI hit the 200 day ma and the 20 day ma is converging on the 200 day ma.

This appears to be a very bullish chart and a breakout is imminent. Lets see if we get confirmation in the next few days. I believe SIRI reports earnings on Thursday.



    not enuf shorties for a monster squeeze

    but it looks good though

  2. not enough shorties??? are you kidding? 5.6 days to cover? that is pretty huge. I know the percentage is low but the key is the average volume vs. the number of short shares. It is primed for a huge squeeze. And it would not take much of a squeeze for a .50 stock to double.

  3. I like might be read. This about that data i dont like, well wish i had a program and gave me DAILY short and float data, and if ANYONE knows where one is please tell me!

    b/c all the data we read is only updated Twice a month, that's it...

    i want daily data.

    but the one thing ya can't tell from that, is

    if it says 5% short, does it mean 5% of the entire float, or 5% of the occupied float in relation to the longs?

    If you find a site or program or even service that gives DAILY short data, let me know.

    even them ( if you pay, still only give BI-monthly data.