Friday, March 13, 2009

All Clear!!!!

It's a bit of a long story and I will save it for later. I was investigated for insider trading activity due to messages I posted on the yahoo message boards about a person from a certain mortgage company owned by a certain bank who told me some things. Anyways, they linked me to my brokerage accounts where they saw activity around said company and investigated myself and the person at the mortgage company. After 2 days of investigation, got the message late today that the case is closed.

My accounts are suppose to be unfrozen tomorrow but I still don't have access to the yahoo boards.

I can say that it was a bit unnerving and scary. I knew I did not do anything wrong but when an agency like the SEC has the power to link a yahoo account to brokerage accounts and have both suspended, it can be a bit scary.

Anyways, I should be back in business tomorrow. My first order of business will be to buy puts on GOOG, GS and and calls on the VIX.

Good luck all. Tomorrow should be very interesting on weather the bulls want to run this up further or they do some profit taking. Either way, by middle of next week, this rally will be forgotten.


  1. That's great news. I have been following your VIX updates for sometime now and its been great to get a read on the direction of the market.

    I was wondering if you had a chance to read up on Kenny's blog and DanEric's blog about a revised wave count? From their opinions, they seem to think that the bottom is in at 666 and we are just starting the P2 upward. I know that your VIX readings are separate from EW, but wondering what your thoughts are on this? Thanks!

  2. good to see everything went well with you Bsen


  3. awesome to hear you are free and clear..... keep up the good work....

  4. Excellent, great news. Been following the Blog for your updates. Yahoo MB was getting weird anyway.

  5. Great news Brian! Glad to see unharmed by this nonsense. Still very unsettling...
    - soiled.

  6. Kevin, I did see Kenny and Dano's charts. I think those guys are great but, I find it strange to go from "the great bear wants it all back" to, "we hit bottom" within hours.

    I really think this may be that rally we have all been talking about to suck in the longs and just crush all hope they had. I hope I am wrong, I really do.

    I am not investing any money in any stocks or etfs right now. I am playing options and only options (other than holding srs long term). GS earnings on Monday will be interesting. I am also very interested in VIX action today which suggests we are still at the lower trend lines.