Friday, April 3, 2009

Job Data

Another horrible number for job losses. A big revision for January to the down side. Unemployment up to 8.5%. Yet, the FREAKING IDIOTS ON CNBC SAYS ITS GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

You are being manipulated people. Job losses are not slowing, they are going to go right through the 10% mark within a few months. Yet the media will keep telling you it is OK. Pay Attention!


  1. thoughts on drop in vix this morning? xswa

  2. Don't sweat the drop in the VIX unless it gets near 39. Friday's are historically down days for the VIX due to typical end of week option activity. When VIX is up on a Friday, that is when bulls really need to worry

  3. I was highly amused by the headline on the CNBC website. "Job losses grow, but more see signs the worst is over", with article text immediately below stated: "It almost can't get any worse". That's an interesting translation. Who knew that line would be reported as optimism.