Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beautiful VIX pattern

As mentioned two days ago, the pattern in the VIX identifying the end of bear rallies showed up. Apparently yesterday may have just been a slight delay. Right now the VIX is at 43. The VIX also finished higher yesterday.

See chart above to show this remarkable pattern on the VIX and how todays action so far confirms we are in a market reversal which should be anywhere from 6% to %15 which would put the S&P at 750 - 680 when the reversal is complete. This is not confirmed yet, but if it can hold today, we have a very good confirmation that the bear market rally for now is over.

As mentioned last night, you should be accumulating short financial positions today. I hope you did that at the open. Don't get carried away. Accumulate means adding a little at a time and setting stops.

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